Dog Grooming

A dog is one of the friendliest pet animals that can be kept at home. It is the animal who shows much commitment love and affection to the caretakers. Dogs have been popular as a pet of intelligence and memory. Many people take care of Dogs in a way to get certain service from them. Dogs get highly motivated and encouraged when the perfect care is given. Dog grooming professionals are highly opted for maintaining the pet dogs.


We are providing professional dog groomers who could give you the best dog grooming offers mobile dog grooming services in Dubai. Our clean and hygienic grooming will promise a healthy and charming life to your pet dog. Our dog grooming in Dubai will give the best lifestyle to your dog, where he/she could enjoy life at the caretaker’s home. Our dog grooming offers are focused to promise a premium kind of healthcare to the dogs by minimizing the chances of any diseases or infections.

Our Dog Grooming Offers:

Our mobile dog grooming professionals in Dubai are highly responsible to offer you class-rated grooming services for pet dogs of any kind. Experienced and professional dog groomers are ready to handle dogs of a different variety with utmost care and hygiene. We offer:

  • Nail Clipping
  • Trimming
  • Cleaning for eyes, ears, and paws
  • Bathing
  • Tooth care
  • Brushing
dog grooming dubai

Nail Clipping

One of the major dog grooming services is nail clipping. Every type of dog grows nails, and this growth may cause discomfort for the dogs in walking and also can injure them. Our mobile dog grooming service in Dubai offers perfect trimming for your pet dogs.

It is advised to trim the nails of the dog at least once a month. It needs immense care to trim the nails from the dog’s leg. The paw of the leg should be held properly and dog nail clippers should be used carefully. As the dogs have got the vein on the nails, only a professional dog groomer can handle the nail trimming.

Dogs who walk a lot will get more wear on the nails, and these nails need perfect shaping or trimming to protect the dog’s footpad. Short dogs and dogs which walk a lot require nail clipping once in a couple of weeks.

This dog grooming uses perfect tools such as nail clippers and nail grinders that will keep your dog’s nails short and smooth with less risk of cutting the quick. Groomers use the tools under a sterile and hygienic condition which will reduce the chance of infection to the dog.

mobile dog grooming dubai


Dogs grow hairs often. Hair grooming is a major part of taking care of your dog. We provide quality dog grooming offers to meet every hair grooming requirement of the dogs. Overgrowth of hairs in various parts of a dog’s body may cause severe diseases and infections. It requires regular trimming of body hairs. Our dog grooming in Dubai uses the perfect toolset and clipper blades to shave or cut the hairs of dogs. With immense care and hygienic condition, we take care of your dog’s hair trimming at an affordable cost.

Our dog groomers get friendly with every type of dog and they choose the right equipment and combs based on the hair type of the dog. Hence we could offer the best and injure free hair trimming with our dog grooming in Dubai.

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Grooming For Ears, Eyes & Paws

As dogs are the animals that carry a susceptible body prone to infectious agents or other small pathogens, maintaining cleanliness and keeping them hygienist is necessary to avoid any health issues for dogs as wells caretakers.

Cleaning the ears, eyes, and paws of the dogs is advised to carry out at least once a month. Our dog grooming in Dubai is available with professional groomers who will provide regular dog grooming by cleaning ears, eyes, and paws. We use sterile tools to clean ears and check for any existing infections or chance. Cleaning the ears of the dog will reduce the chance of ear infections by accumulating dirt inside.

As dogs are flat-faced, their eyes are more explored to infections. Regular grooming and cleaning of eyes will help them to stay comfortable. Hairs growing in the sides of the eyes should be trimmed as they may irritate the site. Our dog grooming service in Dubai provides immense care to the eyes of your pet dog and keeps them healthy without any infections.

If you are looking for a dog haircut in Dubai- Wooferine’s groomers are best!

If your dog grows hairs in between pads of the feet, it should be trimmed and its paws should be cleaned well from dirt on it. If the dogs are of a regular walking one, paws require frequent cleaning at least in a couple of weeks. With hygienic tools and sanitized procedures, we deliver affordable dog haircuts in Dubai for all breeds.

dog haircut in dubai

Bathing, Tooth Care & Brushing

Giving tooth care, bathing and brushing is a part of dog grooming. Our dog grooming offers to provide highly affordable standard dog grooming in Dubai with professional groomers. Brushes and toothpaste designed for dogs are used to clean the tooth of the dog. It is advised to remove the plaques and dirt sediment on the teeth to maintain tooth hygiene as; any decay or infections may cause teeth falling gum diseases etc. There are various products available in the market to keep the dental hygiene of the teeth of the dogs. Dental sprays and wipes are the options for the dogs who never allows to clean the tooth.

It is necessary to give a timely bath for your pet dog. Bathing will remove Dort, grease, and any foreign substance on the body of the dog. Giving bath will stimulate its skin and hairs such that the dog will get comfort and relaxation. Our dog groomers provide perfect bathing for your dog with deep cleaning of furs and hairs.

The final stage of grooming a dog is the brushing of hair. Usually, a primary brushing before the bath will be given to the dogs for detangling the knots on hairs. We use the perfect type of brushes and combs to brush the hairs, which will help to coat the oil on the skin. By using dryers and mats, we provide the utmost care to your pet dog. The right brush can remove loose hair and spread your dog’s natural oils through his coat for a healthy shine. Every coating type requires different brush types, and you should have a metal comb for most coat types.

No matter what breed of dog you have got, get them groomed in the best way at an unbelievable price!

dog grooming in dubai

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