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Cats are the loveliest pets that always love to be in the ladle of their loved owners. They are the cleanest creature which maintains their body clean always. Still, they need more care from the home where they belong. We make your Cat adorable and cute with our cat grooming service in Dubai. A clean and neat pet cat will make your life charming and cheerful. Having a pet cat in the home may be easy but maintaining them with all required care and support is a critical task. Cat groomers are the professional hands to provide intense care and love to your pet cat. Grooming makes cats highly comfortable with their living. As it takes care of the cat in a friendly and hygienic environment, cats stay healthy and clean long time.

Our cat grooming in Dubai includes everything that a cat is required with grooming. With our mobile cat grooming in Dubai, we keep your cat healthy and clean. We offer affordable and quality cat grooming in Dubai with professional standards and expertise groomers.

Our cat grooming services include:

  • Trimming of Claws
  • Trimming of Hairs
  • Oral Care
  • Bathing
  • Brushing
cat grooming dubai

Trimming of Claws

Cat’s claw grows regularly and it requires proper trimming and smoothening especially for the pet cats as sharp points may cause injuries to caretakers and also damages the properties like furniture around the home. It is better to clip the claws at least once in a couple of weeks, to get rid of skin punctures and other inconvenience. When we provide a professional claw clipping, it helps the cat by preventing pain or sores that may arise as a part of getting the claws stuck in the carpet or on any other stuffs around the home.

With our mobile cat grooming in Dubai, get your kittens’ claws smooth and clipped professionally. We use sterile claw clippers and easy procedures to trim the claws by carefully holding the paws and legs. Our cat groomers will handle every pet cat with a gentler and comfortable grooming experience, such that every client gets a better cat grooming with us.

mobile cat grooming dubai

Trimming of Hairs

We give professional cat hair cut with our in-house and mobile cat grooming in Dubai. At wooferine, short-haired or long-haired cats will get experienced and stylish cat hair cut experience from our cat grooming in Dubai. This will prevent any hair or fur-related infections or parasitic growth on the body of the cat. One time cat hair cut or trimming in a month is advised to keep the cats healthy and relaxed all the time.

cat haircut dubai

Oral Care

Wooferine’s mobile cat grooming in Dubai services provide better oral care for your pets. Professional cat groomers provide grooming for the mouth, teeth, and gums of the cat. This involves checking of mouth and teeth for any up normality’s, cleaning the teeth and gums, etc. This will allow the cat easy chipping and eating. If the Mouth and teeth are not maintained, the cat may develop ulcers or infection. Hence brushing the teeth of a cat with pet toothpaste is recommended for pet cats. Our cat grooming service includes perfect oral care for any type of pet cat.

cat grooming in dubai

Ears, Nose, and Eye Grooming

Wooferine’s mobile cat grooming in Dubai services provide include special care for the eyes ears and nose of the pets. Special care and grooming to these body parts of the cat will maintain their health. Grooming of ears includes removal of wax and checking for infection. Eye redness or swelling may be a sign of infection, which can be easily prevented with regular grooming. If the cat is showing any nasal discharge it is advised to consult a vet immediately.

mobile cat grooming in dubai


Most of the people who keep a pet cat will never believe in the need for a bath for it. As part of maintaining them healthy and active, grooming or cat includes giving bath also. This is not a complicated task or time consuming one. Spraying the body with normal water followed by untangling the hairs with the brush itself will pursue the function. It is not advised to use any cleaning agents like soaps or gels to give baths to cats. Our mobile cat grooming in Dubai includes giving a bath to your lovely kitten. We provide a perfect bathe experience followed by drying its furs and hairs to keep it warm.

mobile cat grooming dubai


Our in-house and mobile cat grooming Dubai services offer the best service to make your lovely kittens adorable. Our groomers will perfectly brush the hairs of the cat and avoid any hairballs or lumps that will make it not pleasing in appearance. We use professional cat grooming brushes and combs for different variety of cats. Our brushing will help the cat to maintain its coat and skin induced with blood circulation. Depending on the type of cat we provide adorable brushing services.

Regular brushing is advised as the hairy cats may develop some wounds or allergies, which may go severe if unnoticed. Sometimes parasitic growth also can happen if brushing and cleaning of hairs are not done properly.

cat grooming dubai

Why grooming your cat is important?

The grooming of cats is important as it encourages and stimulates them with more social skills and adaptive nature. Kittens will get very friendly and mingle easily if we are providing proper grooming.

Are you living in UAE with your pet cat?

Wooferine’s professional mobile cat grooming in Dubai is highly recommended to develop patience and a good look for your pet cats or kittens. Get the best groomers from our team to offer your loved ones, better care, and love!

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