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Being the small and sensitive living beings, birds require more attention when it is reared by humans. Tuning a perfect living atmosphere to them will be a great task for the one who likes to keep it as a pet. Being responsible for this tiny and lovely pet is all about giving them the perfect ambiance to live comfortably. As they are restricted to natural means of life and freedom, giving them the best of available is a part of love and affection you can show to them.


Wooferine’s bird grooming in Dubai provides every means to the pet birds in Dubai. Our Bird grooming services are highly compatible with any type of pet bird. We have got the best team of bird groomers, who will give the clients the best in the most comfortable and pleasing styles.

Our Bird Grooming Services:

We provide the most comprehensive and hygienic Bird grooming Dubai services. As we follow careful and comfortable procedures to groom your loved pets, our services are well known among pet bird lovers in Dubai.

We provide the following bird grooming services for all types of pet birds.

  • Trimming of Nails
  • Trimming of Claws and Beaks
  • Trimming of Wings
  • Bathing
Pet grooming home service Dubai

Trimming of Nails

Pet birds behave close with the family members. In a way to mingle with members of the home, birds may perch on the shoulders, hands, and heads of the people around. To stay away from the injuries that may cause by the sharp nails of the birds, it’s better to keep it trimmed accordingly. Birds grow sharp nails, which may hurt the people interacting with them.

We provide bird grooming services in Dubai which include trimming nails. The nails of the birds are one of the most functional parts of their body, which will help to have grip while they sit or rest in various places. Hence we don’t recommend any of our clients to trim it off completely, whereas our groomers will trim just the sharp tip and groom it perfectly. We use hygienic and sterile tools that will help in the trimming nails of different pet birds.

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Trimming of Claws and Beaks

Beaks of the birds grow naturally. It requires proper trimming and care to make it useful for the birds. A perfectly trimmed beak will help the birds to get and eat food at their convenience. As pet birds are captive, they don’t get any means to sharpen and manage their beaks. Here the same responsibility lies in the hand of one who takes care of it. If the beaks are not clipped or trimmed properly they may get chipped or damaged, which will affect the bird badly.

Our bird grooming services in Dubai are targeted to offer the best and careful beak trim that will help the bird to restore its beak to normalcy. This in turn helps them eat and preen better. Our bird grooming in Dubai is concerned about your pet bird’s wellness. We use friendly tools and accessories to trim the beaks, which will give them a beautiful appearance, and with our bird grooming services, your pet bird is going to most handsome or beautiful.

bird grooming in dubai

Trimming of Wings

To make your pet bird on the safest part, the best thing you can do is trimming if wings. Flight feathers help the birds to grow higher and these are developed over time. Most pet bird lovers approach bird grooming service providers for the trimming of flight feathers of the bird. This will help the bird to stay calm in the cage or open places. As bird’s feathers are not having any nerves trimming does not hurt birds.

Our bird grooming in Dubai takes care of trimming the wings of birds with utmost care and attention. Our groomers carefully trim the feathers which will never alter any look of your pet bird. Trimming of flight feathers will hinder its natural ability to fly high, though the captive birds are said for so to prevent the loss of love as well as money.

We advise our clients to take the pet birds to the veterinarian such that you will get perfect guidelines on the part of their health and well-being. Our scissors and tools used for trimming flight feathers are completely sterile and we follow a pet-friendly ambiance to make your pet bird grooming in Dubai most comfortable.

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Most of the people who keep a pet bird will never realize the need for a bath for it. Birds require bathing. As part of maintaining them healthy and active, grooming birds includes giving baths also. This is not a complicated task or time consuming one. Spraying the body of birds with normal water itself will pursue the function. It is not advised to use any cleaning agents like soaps or gels to give baths to birds.

Our bird grooming in Dubai includes giving baths to your lovely pet bird. We will check the bird for any other discomfort. We provide a perfect bathe followed by drying its feathers and giving them a warm room setting.

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Why bird grooming is necessary?

  • Grooming will keep the birds healthy and fit
  • Regular grooming allows the birds to get most comfort even in captive
  • Grooming of birds will keep themselves and others who interact with them from contagious diseases.

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